Reliable iot applications. smart wireless sensors.

Intelligence to
rely on

Built for Learning.

We specialize on sensors that use rich data sources such as microwave and sound. These sources offer immediate benefits using simple analytics, but also offer a deeper understanding of the environment using machine learning. Reliable IOT solutions for remote applications need a more intelligent sensing capability.

Works at the Edge.

To operate in a wireless “edge” environment we use an intelligent, adaptive power management system. This enables our devices to minimize power consumed communicating low value information. Intelligent management in power-constrained applications is key to reliability.

Integration Ready.

Our secure, realtime messaging fabric uses a serverless data streaming infrastructure and scalable APIs to stream messages over open protocols for reliable integration. The result is no single point of failure for 100% message delivery from our gateway to your cloud.


Our products are built on a core set of features to give more intelligent and reliable operation in remote iot applications

Rich Data

Specializing in microwave and sound signals, we offer a rich source of situational and operational insight that grows with use.

Low Power

Hardware and software optimized to minimize power enables long-life operation on batteries or energy harvesting.

Open Interoperability

Standards-based interfaces between devices and to the cloud for seamless interoperability.

Powerful Processor

Supports machine learning and integrated Digital Signal Processing for realtime AI at the edge.

Event Driven

Event-driven design for the production, detection, consumption of, and reaction to events in realtime.

Data Stream Network

Secure data streaming from device to your cloud with high reliability, low latency and at any scale.

Feature Extraction

Growing feature extraction library for discovery and training compresses data reducing power consumption and communication cost.

Robust Construction

Rugged, waterproof enclosures protect electronics from harsh industrial environments.

Protocol Adapter

Providing interoperability between push-based realtime, streaming & queueing protocols.


Things We've Made

TLS100/1 Intrinsically Safe Radar Level Sensor

• The TLS100 Level Sensor provides accurate, power efficient & robust measurements without interference from noise, dust, color or direct or indirect light.

• The small self-contained battery powered sensor offers years of sensing levels of liquids, solids & powders in a range of industrial applications including fixed and mobile tanks, waste bins and warehouse pallet bays. Certified to be Intrinsically Safe, the sensor can be used in explosive gas atmospheres.

• An easy to install “peel and stick” option provides rapid & cost-effective retrofit applications & because its signals can penetrate many non-metallic materials it can be mounted externally, without the need to create an aperture. An optional version with an external antenna is available.

• Communicating through Bluetooth v5 long range or proprietary low power mesh, the TLS100 can also be used to track and locate mobile containers while communicating level measurements to cloud IoT platforms.

TLS100U Intrinsically Safe Radar Level Module

• A non-contact level measurement module for integration into a finished, certified intrinsically safe solution for applications such as tank level, presence, or distance detectors operating in hazardous environments.

• Miniature form factor enables easy integration with other electronics for a finished product and provides a BLE ready frontend to enable wireless communications.

• Module is a certified IECEx & ATEX Zone 0 design & can be used as an independent element of the system by adding a power source and enclosure or by making it a sub-system through its exposed API over I2C, allowing a host processor to configure and manage the sensor.

• Includes an accelerometer to sense motion, inclination and impacts, and a temperature sensor.

WS360 Asset Health Sensor

• The WS360 Asset Health Sensor provides a number of different health indicators such as sound, vibration, temperature and impact, that can be used alone or fused together to give operational insight into the performance of machines, components or structures.

• The small self-contained battery powered sensor offers years of sensing asset health in a range of harsh industrial applications.

• An easy to install bolt on design, it also includes optional adapters for magnetic mounts.

• Communicating through Bluetooth v5 long range or low power mesh, the WS360 can also be used to track and locate mobile assets while communicating logged measurements to Cloud IoT platforms.

MG105 Asset Tracker & Sensor Gateway

• Ideal for monitoring location of remote unpowered assets or providing connectivity for low power wireless sensors

• Designed for long maintenance free life in harsh environments

• Event-based and/or periodic reporting as frequently as every 60 seconds

• Internal sensors support location (GPS), motion, inclination & impacts

• Reliable wireless sensor communication via star or mesh network

• Wide area communication using cellular LTE-M/NB-IoT

• Supports message streaming to a variety of backend IoT platforms

• Small, low profile form factor supports a range of mounting options & locations


Experience and innovation guides everything we do.

Who we are

relyQ was founded by a team with more than 15 years’ experience developing hardware & software for monitoring remote, unpowered assets.

Our philosophy

Our mission is to provide the next generation of wireless sensing devices feeding our customers AI-powered solutions with actionable intelligence. Focusing on long-life, low-cost and open hardware, we offer intelligence to rely on for improving asset performance, reliability and safety.

How we work

We partner with key technology providers who we work closely with to develop current and future devices, customers who need our wireless sensors as part of their application, and an ecosystem of solutions providers where close co-operation delivers value greater than the sum of the parts.